The main objectives of a pre-training meal, is to guarantee enough energy for it, and to avoid feeling tired while doing your exercises. The meal must be based on carbohydrates, which will provide enough glucose. In the absence of this nutrient, the performance will be compromised, and there is a risk for hypoglycaemia and to not being able to finish the training. 

The pre-training meal, must provide between 100 and 200 calories, but it varies on the person’s weight and height. To have an idea of which type of foods to consume before your training, we selected 8 essential carbohydrates, that will guarantee you a good performance and enough glucose.

1 – Rice

You can combine it with different types of foods, or mix it with vegetables. The ideal would be to consume it with a clean protein (chicken bread or fish), two hours before training.

2- Oats

Oats are an excellent options, if you have some issues with eating before exercising, since small portions can give a good amount of carbohydrates – for example, two tablespoons of oatmeal equals to a French bread. If you are sensible to fibre before training, it is recommended to eat oat cereal.

3 – Banana
Easy to eat, delicious and nutritious – the banana can be eaten with cereals, is packed with vitamins and you can take it anywhere you want.

4 – Potatoes
The potato has low fat, and easily digested and highly recommended for anyone that can’t eat large quantities of food before training.

5 – Salted crackers

Ideal for busy people that don’t have much time to invest in a whole meal.

6- Corn flakes

 Cornflakes are a great alternative for bread, when the meal pre-training is breakfast. For the lactose intolerants, careful when combining with milk or yogurt. A good option is to choose a plant-based milk or yogurt; or eat them with with banana to guarantee a good dose of energy and potassium.

7- Pasta 

Pasta is easy to prepare, and a great source of carbohydrates. The ideal is to mix it with fresh or cooked vegetables.


8- Bread

Can be eaten on your way to training, during trips or at home. Pure, toasted or put together with other foods – bread is always welcomed!

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